ADHD Coaching Queensland

Can You See The Future Brisbane?

ADHD Coaching QLD is an ADHD consultancy with over 1000+ hours of ADHD coaching experience through coaching many individuals with ADHD ranging from CEO's, Business Leaders, Managers all the way to parents of teenagers and young adults who are struggling to find good quality, easy to assess ADHD information. We wanted to find a way to change the lives of 5 million people globally affected by the disorder and make it their superpower in their ADHD life. This goal lead us to using existing ADHD research, our own developed ADHD skills and feedback from real ADHD customers that may have come from referring ADHD psychiatrists, ADHD testing centres or ADHD specialists. As of April 2022 we will have more ADHD Life Coaches joining us across Australia. We will have ADHD life coaches in Sydney, Melbourne, Western Australia, Adelaide and Tasmania and will fall under the ADHD Coaching Australia brand.

Our ADHD trained coaches are highly decorated with Masters degrees, Educational Bachelors, Psychologists, Counsellors or corporate coaches / mentors dealing with ADHD either in their own lives or coaching family, friends or clients. Our coaches have been credentials and registered with the International Coaching Federation in which we comply with their strong ethical guiding principles. When working with individuals we equip them with the right business and life tools. These tools consist of improved planning, goal setting, task completion, stress management, lifestyle balance to get our clients performing at their peak. We offer single coaching sessions to address issues as they arise or we have developed our own programs to give more transformative results over a 6-12 month term. We do offer practical and professional tailored coaching agreements that spell out our ADHD Coaching QLD guiding principles, ethical guidelines and how the coaching operates.

Our Difference is very simple, non-clinical and purely driven by practical ADHD life goals the individual wants to achieve. We have found through our own experience and from feedback of clients there is a huge gap in the market. This is where we step in and help the individual with their needs with our amazing ADHD Coaching courses.