Qualitive ADHD Assessments

As the world diagnoses ADHD by a qualified ADHD psychiatrist, here at ADHD Coaching Australia we use practical life based behavioural and motivational assessments. If you are suffering from key executive function symptoms like; organising, planning, relationships, career, finances or your health, these assessments will give you immediate awareness of what is going on within. Learn how to identify your own and others key behavioural styles so you can adapt your communication and styles to increase performance at home, work, relationships, managing and leading teams, run your own business, sales targets and developing “rockstar” leaders within your organisation.

ADHD Motivations

$ 249
Most Popular ADHD Assessment
Motivation influences behaviour, decisions, and actions.
  • In Depth Report On Your Motivators
  • Influence Styles
  • Your Behaviours
  • 45min Debrief Video Call

ADHD Emotional Intelligence

Research indicates that emotional intelligence can be learned and can be seen as measurable differences directly associated with professional and personal success. Furthermore, it may be responsible for up to 80% of the success we experience in life.
  • 32 Page Report On Your EQ
  • Analysis of key 4 EQ Influence Styles
  • Shows Any Gaps Within Straight Away
  • 45min Debrief Video Call

ADHD DISC Behavioural

$ 249
Insight into the four primary behavioural tendencies and emotions for people that are struggling with ADHD symptoms.
  • 40 Page Report On Your Behaviour Style
  • Understand Your Main Challenges
  • Learn To Read Others
  • 45min Debrief Video Call

ADHD Kids DISC Behavioural

$ 149
This is an opportunity for children to learn more about themselves! Kids, and the adults around them, will discover how special and unique they are. Each child’s bird style is their superpower, and ADHD Coaching helps them be the best that they can be.
  • 36 Page Report On Your Behavioural Style
  • Know Your Super Power
  • Learn Friends Behaviour Patterns
  • 45min Debrief Video Call
30% SALE

ADHD DISC & Motivation Bundle

$ 349$ 498
Here is an opportunity to see yourself as others see you. The disc report will show "how" you behave and motivations will show "why" you behave this way.
  • 2 x 36 page Reports On Your Styles.
  • Creates Your Own Development Plan
  • Highlights Any Skill Gaps
  • 45min Debrief Video Call

ADHD Sales IQ Plus

$ 249
The measure of a salesperson’s success is their ability to make sales. However, a person with ADHD may have a few challenges with relationships, sales process and organisation. This report will teach you how to sell more!
  • 31 Page Report On Your Sales Style
  • Creates Your Own Development Plan
  • Where Does ADHD Show Up
  • 45min Debrief Video Call

Seriously, I was a little skeptical around these assessments however I was proven wrong! I received the behavioural and motivational bundle and seriously couldn't have been any more accurate. I received 2 x 36 page reports to keep and also got 1 hour time with a coach to run me through it. Do yourself a favour and check it out!

Nina B

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