Constructive guide to deconstruct ADHD self-limiting beliefs & imposter syndrome.


You have no bigger enemy of you than you, yourself. Yes, that can be true if you let your self-sabotaging thoughts take control over you. But, don’t worry. I am here to help. As a professional coach, I have helped people uncover their true potential by breaking unhealthy patterns caused by self-limiting beliefs.

Self-limiting beliefs are unproductive thoughts that impede your progress towards important life goals. It is when someone inspires you to participate in a competition and you want to but your mind tells you not to do so. Thus you let your ‘I am not capable enough’ thought rule. Or, it is when you find an opportunity to apply for a higher position in another organization which you simply pass, saying ‘what if it didn’t turn out well for me’ or ‘what if I lost my comfortable position in my company.’ It is those â€˜what ifs’ that numb your creativity. So, you unintentionally let them win over your constructive thoughts which, ultimately, change your entire reality.

When you create false assumptions about yourself, you not only break your confidence but also miss great chances for growth which you would have availed otherwise. You create an illusion in your mind that great things are not meant for you so you excuse your inaction by saying ‘I am not ready yet’, etc. Your low self-esteem causes you to undermine your potential and makes you think small about yourself. Thus, you become your enemy because you hinder our progress due to your self-destructing thoughts.

If you are worried about the inner voice that asks you to stop taking risks, getting in trouble, and trying new things then you are at the right place. Be ready to squish and shatter those beliefs that are hindering your progress.

Paradigm shift – Change your thoughts to change results

The first and foremost step in a paradigm shift is to find, accept, and track the unproductive and self-limiting thoughts because they effortlessly habituate your mind. An honest and unbiased self-analysis is required to recognize the thoughts that serve a purpose and those that limit your progress. Secondly, you need to actively work on deconstructing self-sabotaging thoughts and preventing them from growing. You have to be selective in letting only the useful ideas propagate. Lastly, you have to alter your patterns of thinking that can allow no space for limiting thoughts to settle in. You can also seek help from a coach in this matter.

Leverage the power of positive affirmations

Someone rightly said“Negative thoughts and tensions are like birds, we cannot stop them from flying near us, but we can stop them from making a nest in our mind.” To neutralize the negative and unnecessary thoughts, you need to create a habit of doing positive self-talk, also termed as positive daily affirmations.Repeating daily positive affirmations serve as a great source of motivation for you to get things done. It sparks enthusiasm in you to pursue great things. You can create positive affirmations to be repeated daily. Some examples are:

  • I am on a journey, ever-growing, evolving and improving.
  • I am strong enough to handle anything that comes my way.
  • Time is right for me. I am grateful for living in this moment.
  • I am capable enough to pursue my dreams.
  • I have all the strength and confidence that I need to succeed.

Track your progress – create momentum

By tracking your progress after making the paradigm shift, you create momentum in your reformed actions. When you observe real-time results, you activate the reward system of your brain which motivates you to achieve more. Not only do you actively indulge in trying new things but also do not hesitate in jumping onto big opportunities in life.

Thus, it is highly recommended that you journal your progress, ideally on a regular basis. You can name your journal as my progress diary or the route map for success.

Final Takeaway

Let’s take a decision today to change our self-limiting and inefficacious thoughts. Let’s make it a habit to replace them at the very first sign of their appearance with a positive and “I can do this” attitude. It might take a lot of you to say yes to the opportunities in front of you, it is, however, essential for your growth. It is time you break the shell of hindering and constraining thoughts to outgrow your older self. Once you clear your mind of unwanted and unproductive information, you will make room for better ideas to stay and create their execution plans. Only then you can explore your innate potential and use it to your advantage.


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