Executive Functioning Coaching

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What is executive functioning coaching?

Executive function is the set of self-management skills that help people achieve goals and finish deadlines. People must be able to manage their emotions and attention, organize their work and home time, and reflect and reverse their tactics according to circumstances, in order to effectively meet the ever-rising challenges at school, work, or home. The goal of an executive functioning coach is to help an individual become more effective, by using real life scenarios to teach skills that apply way beyond the current challenge faced. The executive functioning coaches use current challenges and real life situations, such as a night’s work, completing a project, or preparing a test, as a base to teach and make you learn how to cope with next challenges in future.

Gradual release approach is applied, where the start is with considerable support and then it is all about the client’s acquisition of tools and strategies, so they become on their own in dealing such situations in future. Additionally, executive functioning coaching also allows a person to build broader skills, such as time management, rejection sensitive dysphoria, sustained attention, self awareness, and organisation of different tasks, which then lead to a successful life.

ADHD and Executive Functioning Coaching:

Many students and adults who struggle to manage their work, due to ADHD, or are diagnosed by executive function deficits, or any other memory/attention disorder, do progress much better with the help of an executive functioning coach. These adults are generally frustrated or discouraged, especially when their difficulty to focus is perceived as laziness and worklessness. In fact, many of these people are actually very bright, but are not taught the tools or strategies to cope with any tough situations in the way of their success. Executive functioning coaches provide them with encouragement, tools and strategies by real life scenarios that will help them cope with such challenges in future on their own.

This coaching process generally takes time as it is transformative and may require some people to entirely change their way of life. It is beyond skill building and also helps individuals in approaching a task with more enthusiasm and enables them to take responsibility for their work. This kind of coaching can takes months or even years depending on one’s readiness and progress in the real situation, which is also dependent on many other variables, such as individual motivation, self-awareness, direction and goals, and how long the challenges have been present.

ADHD/Executive functioning  coaching can be applied across the lifespan in a student or an adult as per their needs to enable them to lead a better life. A highly motivated adult takes less time, but the one who is disorganised or is with ADhD, many need an year or more for coaching to bear fruit.

If you would like to discuss your needs with us please send us an email to hello@adhdcoachingaustralia.com.au to enquire about our services.


  1. Hi dr raza
    I have some executive function issues related to asd

    I’m looking for someone to work with me on strategies to manage at work and doing chores more effectively




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