A Purpose Driven ADHD Consultancy For Adults,Teens and Family's.

Our Mission Is To Remove The Shame from 5 Million People.

Our ever growing 1400+ clients and over 2000+ coaching hours rate our ADHD coaching very high. We have over 23+ 5 star google reviews. To see for yourself, book a free 15 minute session with one of our highly trained ADHD specialists to discuss your personal needs.

Best Professionals

We have a team of highly trained coaches, with over 1000+ hours of experience, we are here to provide a safe space and to give you the best service possible

Holistic Care

The purpose of ADHD coaching is to let clients discover themselves by finding the right tools, for the right situations, for the right times throughout their lives

Modern Technology

Whatever your plan is we are flexible in the mode of delivery from face to face, telehealth, video conference, phone and email as we service the whole of Australia

Solution Focused

Clients come from all walks of life. Adults, business people, teens and families or who may have recently been diagnosed. We provide a solution approach to coaching.

Amazing ADHD coaches and advanced proven techniques will keep you achieving your goals.

We are passionate about removing the shame from 5 million people. To do this we have invested heavily into our ADHD specialty coach training for adults, teens and families. We have gained the latest in coaching education from the ICF in the USA and have a solid client base over 1700+ that is producing amazing client experiences. We will help you get on top of and manage your ADHD now and into the future

Complete ADHD Coaching & Mentoring Services

for highest client demands, tailored for each case

Initial Consults

You need a consultancy where you can have a FREE initial consult to understand if we are right for each other and so we thoroughly understand your needs

Removing Shame & Guilt

Since our inception 4 years ago, we surveyed our existing clients. The most common feedback was that we helped our clients to remove shame and guilt quickly.


We can honestly say that ADHD coaching benefits clients with their procrastination. This is because we focus heavily on taking action.

Goal Setting

Our sessions are designed to help clients set and achieve their personal goals. These could range from career, relationships, family, finances and freedom.


When ADHD coaching is done correctly it provides greater self-confidence to clients because they have greater awareness

Structure & Routine

Our coaching is designed to create solid structure and routines where you feel you are more on top of your daily life.


ADHD coaching most certainly makes you more efficient in your life due to the nature of our coaching styles and techniques

Fast Results

We are focused on supporting you to focus on your strongest life skills to give you quick results. We want you to take action quickly.

Client Testimonials

Every time I have a coaching session, I get a warm cozy feeling of familiarity and friendship. I always feel safe during all my interventions

Mariana Lima


A sensitive client, finding a secure place to get my understanding of ADHD was very important. I am glad I found you

George Phan


The combined services topped with amazing telehealth services and pleasant coaches, make the visit an absolute pleasure!

Jon Pata


The staff are incredibly well prepared, always on top of every challenge. They are also very nice and caring with each client

Kevin Muller


It has made going to coaching an absolute pleasure. Before, I was always nervous and scared of doing it. The service is top notch!

Sandra Tempah


Finding an ADHD coach like this team was awesome! They had a strong business background was very relatable to my situation.

Marcus Blake


If you are our client and want to give us your feedback or if you just want to say "Hi", please follow us and get in touch via the following platforms:

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