Executive Dysfunction Symptoms That Needs Constant Awareness

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a medical condition that affects the brain’s self-management system. People with the diagnosis of ADHD often face difficulties in performing everyday tasks. The main issues they face are regarding concentration, following directions, controlling their emotions, etc. There is a wide range of abnormalities within this domain and every person going through ADHD present with a different set of symptoms.

Executive Dysfunction

Executive Dysfunction is a term used to describe the inability to perform executive functions such as recalling abilities, organization skills, time management, etc. Some of the diseases that can lead to executive dysfunction are dementia, ADHD, autism, brain injury to the frontal lobe, etc.

Executive Dysfunction and ADHD

ADHD and executive dysfunction are not exclusive to each other. While ADHD is one of the most common causes of Executive Dysfunction but not every person with executive dysfunction has ADHD.  He may have another disease process as well.

Effect of Executive ADHD symptoms in a workplace

Executive dysfunction symptoms in ADHD may make work life difficult for every patient. Depending on the severity of symptoms, the following issues may become a problem:

·      Memory issues

You may forget small details regarding your work or may forget the whole task or event itself. This can lead to management issues at your workplace and also cause mental stress and a negative impact on your self-esteem.

·      Planning and organization fails

For successful completion of any task, you need to think about component tasks, carefully organize them, and plan. A patient with executive ADHD symptoms may fail to do any or all of this and may end up with unfinished and improperly done tasks.

·      Time management problems:

One of the main agendas in the office place is to follow the timeline. Every boss expects you to do tasks in time so that things run smoothly in the workplace. Every person has an inherent ability to perform a task efficiently within the given time limit. But the person with ADHD symptoms may be unable to schedule his activities according to the timeline.

·      Multitasking and problem-solving difficulties:

Every person learns to perform multiple tasks at a time and develop skills to solve problems as they are encountered. However, these people may not have such skills. They have underdeveloped brains that lack these skills and are unable to solve even minor issues themselves and may require help from colleagues.

·      Failure to control emotions and behavior:

ADHD may present with an inability to control emotions but with a lack of executive functioning, it can get worse.This can lead to frustration and a sense of failure which can result in poor mental health and increased stress. Hence, it further leads to a negative impact on your performance.

Management of Executive ADHD symptoms in a workplace

Just like ADHD, executive dysfunction does not have a cure. One needs medication and behavioral therapy to control the signs and symptoms. This combination therapy is most effective. However, medication or therapy alone can prove to be beneficial as well.

For memory, try to add additional sources such as keeping a journal or sticky notes to remind you of that information whenever needed. List all the important details and tasks in your journal. Make suitable time intervals for every task and use alarm clocks or reminders for this purpose. You can appoint a friend or some person at your workplace to keep a check on you. Try to make it usual to inform seniors or colleagues about your work progress. These habits can improve your time management skills.

For problem-solving and multitasking skills improvement, there are games and mental exercise manuals to test your skills and make them better as well. Support groups are always a good and reliable source of sharing your issues and finding empathy. People who face similar issues may help you in finding remedies to make life easier.


Executive dysfunction with ADHD can make things difficult for the person in the workplace as well as in personal life. Proper diagnosis of the cause of executive dysfunction and timely management can help improve the work-life.  From medication and behavioral therapy to mental exercise, all these can help you get better at your performance in your workplace.

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