How ADHD is Diagnosed in Australia

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Obtaining an accurate diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is the first step to accessing the right support in Australia. Here, we discuss the process for getting diagnosed with ADHD, and provide resources and advice on how to help your loved one with this condition.

Identify the Signs of ADHD.

Before seeking diagnosis, it is important to identify the signs and symptoms of ADHD. Common signs of ADHD can include difficulty concentrating, restlessness, impulsiveness, lack of focus, and hyperactivity. Symptoms may vary from person to person and age to age, so if you suspect that you or your loved one might have ADHD it’s important to talk to a medical professional for advice.

Gather Documentation for Evaluation.

One of the first steps to getting an ADHD diagnosis in Australia is gathering documentation for evaluation. This includes paperwork from past doctors that may have seen the individual or related issues they’ve had in school. Parents or guardians should collect school reports, behavioral assessments, reports from teachers, and physical examinations. All this information will help the doctor determine if a person is experiencing ADHD symptoms.

Schedule a Visit to Your GP or Pediatrician

The next step in the ADHD diagnosis process is to arrange and attend an initial visit with your GP or pediatrician. During this visit, you can provide all the necessary paperwork that was gathered earlier and discuss any symptoms of ADHD that the individual might be experiencing. The doctor may also conduct a physical exam as well as tests to rule out any other potential conditions. Based on this information, they’ll determine if an ADHD diagnosis is an appropriate course of action.

Get Referred to an ADHD Specialist

After the initial visit with your GP or pediatrician, if they confirm that an ADHD diagnosis is likely, they’ll refer you to an ADHD specialist. This specialist will use a range of psychological and behavioral tests to determine whether a diagnosis of ADHD should be made. They may also contact schools and other sources of information related to the individual exhibiting signs of ADHD to gather additional information that can help form a diagnosis.

Undergo Diagnostic Testing

The ADHD specialist will use a range of psychological and behavioral tests and tools to assess the individual exhibiting signs of ADHD. These tests may include IQ tests, language assessments, memory and attention span calculations, questionnaires for parents, teachers and carers, as well as behavior rating scales that help measure the severity of hyperactivity and impulsivity symptoms. Testing typically takes several hours to complete as it is an in-depth process.

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