How our mood swings can impact us at work.

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Mood swings or rapid changes in one’s emotional state result from environmental circumstances and others’ behavior. It may occur due to a physical or mental health condition or no apparent cause. General moodiness, to some extent, is typical in many individuals, but extreme mood changes are concerning for the person himself and those around him. This may harshly affect your connection and dealing with other people.

A frustrated and angry reaction after you miss an appointment or deadline or face some loss is understandable and expected. But mood swings may be caused by various internal and external factors and negatively affect one’s performance and those working around them. Some significant causes of mood swings are stress, anxiety, depression, postpartum depression, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, pregnancy, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), disturbed sleep habits, and changes caused by the menstrual cycle.

As a manager, you must deal with many people, including your staff and clients. If you suffer from mood swings, you may treat your staff like crap and deal with them rudely. This affects your mental health and connections and decreases the productivity and functioning of your staff. They always seem to avoid you and are always searching for ways to which conferences they can avoid. You are letting your mood govern your emotions and actions, and that’s just not fair or effective. So, this must be dealt with, and you must find some ways to manage your mood swings, a few of which we’ll discuss here,

  • Don’t take it personally; whatever your employees and staff do and say they are doing for the company, that does not affect you personally. So, do not consider it personal, and keep in mind that there may be something going on in your mind, and it’s not the staff that is wrong. Try to engage as little as possible with your staff when you have mood swings and consider measures to manage your swings.
  • If your mood swings are becoming severe and getting out of control, the next thing you must do is go to your doctor and get help. There’s help available for you there, and your healthcare professional will rule out if anything physical or mental is going on with you.
  • Once physical causes have been ruled out, consider your mental health professional and therapy personnel to help you with your mental ups and downs. Treatment with therapy is another helpful tool and has been proved to help process emotions and coping skills better.
  • Stay socially connected, as being around friends and family will make it easier to manage your anxiety and depression. Social support is crucial in managing your mood swings and other mental conditions.
  • Food is fuel and eating junk food too much may also affect your mood and mind, so take some time to adjust your diet and make healthier food options. Do research and find healthier alternatives to what appeals to you.
  • Get regular exercise and make sure to get plenty of sleep. Exercise is beneficial for your mind, and that does not necessarily be heavy weightlifting in the gym. A light walk for half an hour in the morning is also beneficial. Besides, getting good sleep is imperative to your health and daily function and is a time to recharge your body and get away from fatigue and stress. Too much and too little sleep can negatively impact your body, so get 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep each night.

Managing mood swings is difficult, but you are not alone in this; reach out to other people facing the same condition, and you can exchange tricks to better manage your situation. Also, get help from a mental health professional, or coach, as they are there for you. Soon, you will notice betterment in your conditions and see yourself treating your staff and employees better.


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